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Monday, November 26, 2007

Shopping for gift ideas and meeting Sort-of Santa

Here's Lacey & I checking out toys. We're pondering over what we want for Christmas!

And here's..."Santa". Sort of. Methinks he is fake. Maybe a helper to Santa, but not the real deal. The shoes give it away, dude!

But that's ok. He was fun. Btw, my cousin passed on the meeting. She'll be back next year though. Right? ;) Anyway, I told him what she wanted.

Finally, here's a cute one of Lacey and I wearing our Santa hats from Nana. We like to refer to them as SantaNana hats. Very stylish.

Meeting a very BIG horse!!

On Thanksgiving week, I met the biggest horses I have ever seen!! They are Clydesdales and are very cool. I'm a lucky little gal, huh? :)

Thanksgiving Dinner

Where are the boys? Where are the boys? They're here. Just not in this photo. ;) But here's photos of the gals!

Below are the grown-up gals: Mommy & Nana and Grandma & Auntie Am .

And here are us youngster gals: Lacey, Alexis, Meghan, and Margeaux.
We're all cousins.

Post dinner fun - wishbone!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some fun things I did over the weekend...

I made a Build-a-Bear. (Thanks, Nana!!) My pink bear is named..."Pinky". I chose the name. Creative, huh? ;) I also selected a beautiful red dress for her to wear. And of course ruby slippers to match mine!

Then on Sunday, mommy & daddy took me to the Water Wall. Lemme tell ya, this is totally awesome! And I am very picky about the water features that I view. ;)

Halloween 2007

Trick or Treat!!

Oooohhhh, he's scary!