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Thursday, January 31, 2008

To catch y'all up . . .

Hellooooo to my Lexi-Fans! I am so sorry for taking a big giant break AGAIN. But my life has been super busy. You know how it can be. So, here's a summary group of pics that shows what's been going on lately!

Here's me running & playing with Daddy. It's a race! I win!! ;)

At a friend's bday party!

With all the bizzy times in my life, you can only imagine how tiring it can be! And how sweet is this?? Pepper loves laying by me. When I am asleep... :)

A final pic -- like my new dance class outfit? Too cute!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sweet Little Santa Girl

Wake up! It's Christmas!

I just woke up! I went directly to the kitchen. I wanted to check out the cookies & milk I left out the night before! Those were for Santa. I also left a small carrot for Rudolph. GUESS WHAT?? I saw that Santa had eaten the entire cookie & drank all the milk! Same with Rudolph and his carrot. This is just awesome.

Now I'm opening my stocking! I got lots of neat-o little gifts. Plus candy in there. (And don't I have that adorable, I-just-woke-up look?)

And now the main stuff! Presents under the tree!! I was an extremely good girl this year, so Santa brought me lots & lots of stuff. I got some great gifts!! I am a lucky girl. :) Two sample pics are below...

Christmas Eve (night!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

And can you guess what I'm doing? Making reindeer feed!!! Want the recipe?

STEP 1: Mix together lots of colorful and shiny sprinkles. The more the better! Heck, use the whole bottle of 'em if you want! Next, heap several generous scoops of oats. (Gotta keep those dudes regular, ya know.) Mix, mix, mix.

STEP 2: Add lotsa love & laughter! I brought in Nana & Mommy for this step. :)

FINAL step: Take the reindeer feed outside and sprinkle it all through the yard!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Eve (daytime)

On Christmas Eve (daytime), we went to tour the USS Lexington aircraft carrier museum. How super neat! I walked all thru that thing, in hallways & on stairs. Got to go to the very top too, where all the planes are.

And the best thing? There were many 'bits' of my name everywhere! See below in pics. I kinda felt like a celebrity or somethin'. ;)

Mommy's kinda pushing it with the 'name' thing here. (ha)

Christmas Week- seeing my cousin!

Hi everybody! Ok, I gots some new pics and updates. Finally! Sorry so pokey with the updates, but I have been super-duper busy. But I hope the wait will be worth it. Cuz I have lots to share from my fun Christmas week! See fun pics below.

And keep checking, as I will be adding more & more info/pics this week.

Here's me on my first night at Nana/Pappaw's. I had a FUN little "tea party" on the outside patio with Lacey! (um...I kinda made a big mess. but it was fun! and Nana forgives. hee!)

This was later that night. We all got to visit some fabulous Christmas displays in a neighborhood!