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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stockings for me & Pepper

These are photos of the pre-Christmas stockings. Before we leave town for the big Christmas events & visits, we have a small stocking-opening session at home. Mainly for me & for Pepper. It's fun! And kind of like a 'warm-up' for the main day! :D

My very 1st ornament

Santa over the years...

It's amazing how much my relationship with Santa has changed over the years! So far, I have experienced 5 Christmas seasons in my lifetime. And each time I visit the santa-man, it is a totally different experience. See pics below!

2003 - I'm a baby. So I'm clueless who this guy is! Just plop me on his lap, and I'm happy.

2004 - Uh oh. I am now 1-1/2 and I am AWARE. Who the heck is this big dude?? Lots & lots of tears here. Poor me! But I still look cute so my parents subject me to this anyway.

2005 - Thought 2004 was challenging, Mom & Dad? Yeah right! At 2-1/2, I say NO to Santa. I will not go near him. Just try to get a photo. NO! But, Pepper was very agreeable to a Santa visit during "Pet Night" at the mall. :)

2006 - Big Success! I guess "3" is the magic number since I'm a three-year-old girl now. A BIG girl. Santa is my buddy this year, and I'm having a blast. And my parents are thrilled. Sheesh, they took about 10,000 pictures!

2007 - Yeah, I hang with Santa again this year. No biggie. I'm a Santa-veteran now. I hear there are lots of little kids who are scared of Santa, but I am here for them if they need to talk. ;)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lexi & Mommy pics in front yard

S'mores Chef!

The other night it was (brrrr!) very cold. So, I made some warm treats to snack on. Check me out below. My very first experience with S'mores!! Yum...

I love all living things!

Here I am at a kiddo's nature class at the local arboretum.
Check me out makin' friends with the Millipede!! OH he was super neat!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lexi & "friend"

Yeah, we got matching Christmas dresses...

Sweet Girl

Visiting SANTA!!

We all had some really fun times with Santa last weekend. :)