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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lazy Mom and Updates!

My mommy is such a SLACKER! I mean, it has been FOREVER since she's updated this thing! You all probably thought I moved or something! But nope. I'm still here. Hooray!

Updates on me -
I love reading and am quite good at it!
I am a full-fledged 1st grader.
I have now lost 8 teeth. Wow.
I am a Daisy Girl Scout.
I wanna grow my hair loooong.
I wanna get my ears pierced!

So...what have I been doing the last couple months? First fun thing...had friends over for a pumpkin carving & decorating party! But, we did not end up doing much except play!

Another weekend, went to the Zoo Halloween festival (Zoo Boo).

Pics below are of mommy and me in front of a giant candy corn (with her making fun of my pouty face). And then us being prairie dogs.

Visited a pumpkin patch.

Went to the Arboretum Halloween festival (ArBOO).

Note: compare the following pic and the one after it.

* Who's this girl? None other than ME, four years ago.

On Halloween day, went to a cool dessert place. People in costume got free ice cream. That rocked!

Finally...Halloween night. Fun trick or treating with school/neighborhood friends. :)