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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Awards Ceremony

That's me walking. After I got my Honor Roll trophy. :)

School Performance

The end of the school year is nearly upon us! And we've got lots of fun stuff going on. Below is pic of "King of the Frogs" performance. Some performances on the stage (to the right). And I was in the frog choir! Very fun.
And, can u find me? Middle row and about halfway down the row. Good luck! And if this pulled back. Click pic to enlarge.

Post-performance with a friend! Also a fellow-frog.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lemon profits!

In the spring, I did a lemonade & cookie stand with a neighborhood/school pal of mine. It was a fun time! And wow. We raked it in!! We sold some good stuff. Also doesn't hurt that we're so cute! :D

Wildflowers 2010

We had a fun time checking out wildflowers this year. It's funny. First picture is in Brenham. And second picture is in the middle of Houston!! Goes to show ya...they were everywhere!


I did it! Got my ears pierced!! February I think? Anyway, it wasn't really a big deal. And my mommy was more nervous than I was!!