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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can ya see my tonsils?

Dinner with friends of my parents. Which one is me?? I hardly stand out at ALL! ;) Click photo to enlarge. I'm funny.

hee!hee! Funny girl (me) was really good though and provided entertainment & laughs for all.

We love hardware stores!

Hardware stores are awesome. My daddy loves them b/c of all the tools and gadgets there. I love them b/c it's ok if you bring a pet in there!

No duck will be hungry around me!

We recently visited a friend who lives very near duck ponds. This was awesome. And no duck went away hungry on that day! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Official Birth Date Celebratin'

Although my official birthday party had to be on April 13 (weekend day), my ACTUAL bday is April 17. This is on a school day (Thursday) this year. So...I brought cupcakes that day and my class at school helped me to celebrate. Such good times!! They even gave me a special birthday 'hat'!

Water Wall!

Recently, my Nana & Pappaw came in town for my bday partaay! While here, I took them to the awesome Water Wall, which they'd never seen. They liked it lots!

And it gave me ("ham girl") a chance to pose. ;)

Lexi's 5th Bday Party

This year, I celebrated my "5th" with friends & family on the weekend before my bday (April 17th) at a place called IT'Z. Funny name, huh? But, it's a super fun and awesome place. We all had a great time!

Special note: Can you believe I'm 5 already?? For a series of fun pics of all my bdays (and cakes each year), go here.

hmmm. is this cheating a little bit?? ;)

Started a new school last month

Since I recently moved (promise, updated house photos soon), I also started at a brand new school! No, not Kindergarten just yet. I am still in preschool until August/September time.

Anyway, although my old school was great, it's just too dang far from my new house. So...I had to switch. But luckily, I just LOVE my new one! All the kids are fun and the teachers are nice. I am learning so much new stuff too. For example, we have a cage with caterpillars and plants and we are learning about how they turn into butterflies.

Other new things compared to my former school:

1 - I bring my lunch every day. This is actually kinda cool. Like big kids! My favorite/most requested lunches are: mac & cheese, or PB&J sandwiches (cut into a dinosaur shape w/cookie cutter). Yum, yum.

2 - I have 1 homework assignment per week. No worries, it's not like an Algebra assignment or anything. It's usually a kinda 'fun' assignment based on stuff we learned about that week. For example, last week we learned about farm animals. My homework was to draw & color my fave animal and write its name. I chose COW.

3 - We go on field trips!! Oh, this is awesome. I've only gone on 1 so far here. And it was to the ZOO! I tell ya what, I loved it!

4 - I am learning all about computers! I love it! See below for a pic of me in our little computer lab. And I can't wait cuz my mommy recently got a new laptop and is giving me her old one. Yay!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bluebonnets of '08

Here I am looking cute & cuddly among bluebonnets! This year was different. We were very short on time, so we did not have time for roadtrips to Brenham or Chappell Hill. But much to our surprise, we had some beautiful bluebonnets close by in a park in our neighborhood!

So, here I am with the flowers. Very close to home. :D

Like my hair? One of my teachers at school did it. Awesome!

Fun with my twin buds...

I hung around at my good buddies' house for a few hours recently while my parents dealt with all the un-fun that goes with moving. But it was definitely a fun day for me!! :)

Easter 2008

You've probably all heard by now that I have moved. Although I love my new house, new neighborhood, and new school . . . I did have a big concern about the move.

Ya see, we moved right before Easter holiday. And I was SUPER worried that the Easter Bunny would not be able to find me! Can you blame me for my concern?

Well, see the photos below. As I woke up on Easter morning, I looked over and saw that EB had found my new house! I got a basket and tons of goodies. And...he hid eggs all over my yard!!