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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 1st One!!!

Ok, last week was a great week after all. At times, it was very stressful due to the hurricane, power loss, and clean-up. But one super fabulous thing that happened last week was . . . I lost my first tooth!! I was more excited than you can even imagine!

Tooth Fairy is very generous, huh? But it's all about inflation. A buck or two buys nothing!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Safe & Sound!

I wanted to update you all on our hurricane stuff. It was a very scary night. Or so I am told, as I SLEPT thru the whole thing!! Anyway, we are glad it's over with finally. We were very fortunate since our home did not get major damage. We did lose electricity for several days, which was a huge hassle. But it's back now - yay! Next week should be more back to normal. My school re-opens on Tuesday, and I'm anxious to get back! We lost many trees on my school grounds, but the building was not damaged. :)

Here's our house, the morning after. What a mess!

The backyard was a disaster too!

But at least we didn't have THIS!

Or THIS! We were very lucky.

You'll be glad to know that I helped with the cleanup!

Well, sort of helped... ;)

But a few days after, it was all good. My house is all picked up!

And luckily, the weather was very nice due to a "cool front". So I played outside lots!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike: 11 o'clock

Wait! This isn't my bedroom, is it? Nope. For this hurricany night, I am bunking in my parents' room. So that we are all together. I'm pretty cozy!! :D

p.s. We obviously somehow have power still. But probably not for long. The storm is moving closer & closer and we're getting lots of power on/off 'blinks'. Stay tuned . . .

Ike Update: 9/12/08, 6:30pm

I wanted to let everyone know the status of us & our home in the hurricane situation. Yes, we are staying here. We live in central Houston. We'll definitely be feeling it, but we are prepared. Galveston is the town that will be severely hurt, as it is right by the water. Their citizens are under a mandatory evacuation. Houston is not. And everyone we know here is staying.

We are as prepared as we can be and just plan to hide here and keep safe. See pics below of the fun stuff my daddy has done! ;)

Boarded up!

Nearly everything cleared off the patio...

Check this out!! It's a good thing we got gas earlier!!

This was around 6:00. Nice outside right now! We'll call this our "calm before the storm" photo. :)

So cross all fingers that things go as well as possible! We will almost surely lose power, darn it. So I won't be updating or available for a little bit!! But we'll chat after it's all done... :)