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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Uncles, Aunt, Cousins, & special Grandma

Here are some photos of the rest of the crew. At this point, I'm just gonna summarize. But in future posts, I'm sure you'll hear much more about these family members. :)

First 2 pics are my Uncle Kevin (Mommy's bro) and Aunt Am (sis-in-law).

They have 3 girls, my cousins! I am the youngest one of the bunch. Here's a group pic at my 2-yr-old birthday party bash!

Here are some more recent pics. Margeaux and Meghan are almost 9. They're twins!

Here's little sis Lacey, who is one of my favorite playmates! She is only 9 months older than me, so we are really close. We always get together when I'm in town to visit.

On Daddy's side I also have another Uncle Kevin. This pic is his very first introduction to me!

Last but not least, I wanna introduce my Grandma. She is Nana's mommy, which makes her my greatgrandmother. I love her very much, & she's an amazing lady! In this photo we're in her yard, and she's showing me all her gorgeous roses.

Roses like THIS! Yep, she really grew this in her yard. Amazing!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stuff about Pappaw (aka Pappoo)

I call him Pappaw or sometimes, Pappoo. And no!!! Pappoo is not a 'bathroom' joke about him or something! (hee-hee! That'd be funny.) Ok, I had to say that. Ya see, since I'm recently potty trained, I find potty humor soooo funny! Isn't it just the most hilarious thing ever?? (my mommy's brother would so agree)

So here's Pappaw/oo. We were at a restaurant and I was borrowing his sunglasses!

Pappaw is married to my Nana. He is fun & cool! Sometimes we play like crazy, but sometimes we just chill. Relaxing with Pappaw is neat. He talks to me lots and tells me stories about what Mommy was like at my age. I'm apparently lots like her, but probably a tad cooler. ;)

Me and P have a history with all things that swing. Here are a couple pics during different times in my life on the big swing. Ahhh, relaxing. I was 15 months old here. Do I look relaxed or what??

The next pic is when I was a much more mature young lady. I was a month shy of my 3rd birthday! Pappaw and I are conversing about politics or something. Or maybe what we're gonna snack on. Can't remember exactly. ;)

ACTION SHOT! Check me out here. This swing is really fun & Pappaw's specialty is this "spin move". What a blast!

Here's a photo with Pappaw when he & Nana came to visit me one time. Pappaw was giving treats to the puppy dawgs and me. Pepper is the middle pup. The other two are N & P's. Their names are Jordy and Nicky. (They are SO sweet. And very soft, which is a big deal to me where dogs are concerned.)

Don't worry, it wasn't dog biscuits that were being passed around. We were nibbling on Gerber chicken sticks. This is an ok snack for all! :) And Pappaw is an excellent snack-passer-outer.

And finally, I gotta show this pic of us on a beach. I think it's very special & cool. (Thanks Daddy for taking the pic. And thanks Mommy for Photoshoppin' it.)

P - A - double P - AWWWWW!! (um, this is a mommy/nana inside joke I think. maybe i'll get it someday. well, maybe.)

Nana rocks!

Whoa! Now where do I begin?? I just don't have enough room to adequately describe all the Nana stuff! Here's us at the very beginning of things (at the hospital where I was born).

Nana is Mommy's mommy. Nana's a very purdy lady. She's also extremely fun and is hilarious (like Mommy). Get the three of us together, and ya never know what'll happen! But one thing's for sure: lots of laughing!

In addition to the fun, my Nana gets me some cool toys & things. She is a shopper extraordinaire, oh yeah. She got me my very first rocking horse and my very first trike. And much more. I think she likes me. :)

And let's not forget the clothes! Just recently, she got me 7 new outfits!! (Only kidding. It was 5.) I very much appreciate that and love being a super-stylish tot.

Anyways...I don't live in the same town as Nana, but I try to see her as often as I can. With every visit, I can be sure that I'll get to do some COOL stuff!

When I was teenier, I loved to spend time in this backyard swing. It's so very nice and shady out there, and I love to swing!

Now, I have THIS as my very favorite backyard fun at Nana's! Check me out. I am SO posing for the camera. :)

And finally, I'd like to talk about some unbelievably *cool* and delish desserts that Nana makes for my cousin and me!! (more on the cuz later)

Check THIS out. Holy cow, it's Nemo!!

And look at this butterfly down below! I love butterflies. And they will hopefully be the theme for my soon-to-be redecorated bedroom!!! Be sure to check back for more info on that. HGTV, watch out!

So ya see, Nana is one cool chick. And she'll for sure get your belly full at her place! ;)

Btw, Nana's husband is named Pappaw. He's cool too. There will be more on him later, as well as the rest of my peeps. But for now, I must rest. These hot summer days are draining on a constantly-moving 3-yr-old! 'Bye for now!


"Grams" is my Daddy's mommy. Here's a photo of us at the hospital when I was a wee little one.

This one is of me at a 4th of July parade in Grams' former neighborhood. I could not walk in the parade, of course, so Mommy & Daddy walked with me in stroller. It was an unusually cool July day, as storms were building so it got cloudy, breezy, and 'cooler'. I took this opportunity to kick back and nap a little. I was not yet even 3 months old, so I needed my sleep!

Here's another photo of me with Grams during my first Christmas season. I went to her house for a visit and opened up some cool gifts. Well actually, I think Mommy & Daddy had to open them for me. But I had fun watching and then later playing with the stuff! And check out the bow on my head. I thought I was waaaay cool!!

Grams used to live outside of town (quite a long drive), but she recently moved much closer! She wanted to be able to see me much more, as I am her one & only grandkid. That's cool. We get to do lots of fun stuff together. She takes me for walks in my wagon (around my cul-de-sac). And then we may blow lots of bubbles outside. Come lunch time, we often go to Mickey D's. I love going down the slide in the play area there!

Her latest residence has a nice POOL area, and this is awesome!! I have gone several times already. Daddy takes me. Next time, Mommy's coming too and she's gonna take photos while Daddy watches me in the pool. :) So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will post some pool pictures. I'm like a little fish already! I think I will learn to swim very quickly. But don't worry, Mommy or Daddy will always be right there by me in the pool. Cuz ya just never know with crazy little girls!!

Here's one more pic of me and Grams. I was about...15 months old here.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daddy, Part II

What else are daddies good for? Oh yeah, as every girl knows, dads can use their super hero strength to lift us HIGH in the air, like this:

And, when Mommy's not looking, they'll let us eat like THIS. (Cuz this style of feasting is natural to Daddy and other boys. Especially while watching sporting events.)

Ok, finally, I'd like to show you one of my very favorite photos of Daddy & me. On Father's Day weekend, Mommy put us on a random piece of material in the living room and told us to sit. Sounds funny, but look how we turned out! I'd say we're a mighty sweet and classy daughter & daddy combo!

Daddy's Girl

Where do I begin with Daddy? Well, he's very handsome. :) And he's a good cook (whether I choose to eat it or not). And he's so sweet to me. Check out this first pic. Daddy looks tired. (Maybe cuz I'd only been home for a couple of days and wasn't quite sleeping thru the night yet.) I remember my parents taking this photo. Mommy's over there with the camera saying, "Lexi, look over here!" C'mon, people. I was DAYS old and trying to figure out where the heck I was! Like I could pose for a picture yet! (ha)

Daddy is neat. Dang, he can fix or build just about anything! He's made me furniture even. Whoa. He's pretty talented. Maybe by the time I'm 16, he will know how to build a car! Convertible please...

And we have SO much fun together. Daddy is my personal play gym. I climb all over him. Mommy's little compared to Daddy, so she cannot take my physical rough-play. Oh well, that's what Dads are for! And, being a guy and all, he teaches me about all sorts of different & cool stuff. "Guy" stuff, if you will. Check me out, learnin' about football.

Thanks to Daddy, I have been to professional baseball games already. Cool! Oh, and he just cannot WAIT 'til I'm old enough to learn golf! Lotsa girls play golf these days, so that is cool with me. Plus, possible golf scholarship in the future??

It only seems like yesterday when Daddy was helping me learn to walk, and now I'm going for the end zone with my plushy stuffed football!

(click here for more daddy info)

P is for Pepper

Pepper and me go waaaay back. He was my first very best friend! When Mommy or Daddy would hold me when I was a little baby, he insisted on laying right next to us, as if he were protecting me. He is very protective & watchful of me and likes to be nearby. (as long as I'm behaving!)

He's a little guy for sure. He is full-grown at 8 pounds. Mommy & Daddy tell me that when they got him, he was only 2 pounds! Teeny!

I can be quite the "annoying little sister" at times. I tease him a LOT some days! But he loves it (I think). What would I do without Pepper? My sweet & soft little buddy. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More on Mommy

A couple more Lexi+Mommy pics before I start talkin' about my other roomies...

This picture right here was about 1 week before I was BORN!! Wow, little did calm-looking, smiling Mommy know how much her life would change in a matter of days! :)

Here I am, before walking-days, holding on to Mommy for support. Check out my cute, tiny blue jeans and tennies!

Here we are visiting a beach! Wow, did I ever love that new experience. This photo of me represents the only 5 minutes that I stayed dry! Such fun, such fun . . .

I love ("lub") my mommy!

Here is one of my favorite photos of mommy & me. This was a special day. I had just started walking all-by-myself, so we went to a pretty duck pond to explore around. I waited to do the whole walking thing until I was 16 months old! It just looked like it could possibly be tiring and I figured 'hey', if all these people keep wanting to PICK ME UP and CARRY ME around, then why bother wasting my own precious energy?

But ya know, as soon as I started walking, I realized what a different, amazing, and FUN world that I'd been missing out on! What a totally different and unique view of things! And I could get to things fast. I mean, fast! I explored my entire house as soon as possible. Since I waited so long before walking, I got to observe all the other kids my age and learn from their experiences. As a result, once I walked, I rarely even fell or ran into stuff. It was like I was an instant walking expert. :) And then, walking soon became RUNNING, which was the very best thing ever!! But I digress...

Back to things about Mommy: I remember from the beginning how much she loves to cuddle and hold me in her lap. Check out this photo from long ago. I'm the one doing the newborn-y pose. Those are Mommy's knees. She was having a bad face/hair day and did not want to be too visible. Gosh, us women... But, the pic is all about 3-week-old ME anyway!

My mommy is extremely chatty and energetic. I have a feeling I'm gonna be just like her, since these are family traits on the mommy-side of the fam. Other things mommy & I have in common? We've got some huge love for animals and also for music. And oh gosh, is Mommy ever FUNNY. She just cracks Daddy UP. :) I totally hope to be this way as well, so I'm observing and sharpening my little wit each day!

But...although my mommy is great, she did not come without flaws. She can be a little impatient at times. And she's a super-duper perfectionist, Type A++ personality. Oh well, that's ok. That's where Mellow Daddy comes in to balance things out.

Oh yeah, another mommy flaw is her addiction. To all things junk food! Notice the strawberry shortcake here?

But hey, it's not all bad. We got some fruit outta the deal.

(click here for more mommy info)

In the beginning, as a little sprout

My name is Alexis Lorraine. By the way, Lorraine is a special family name. My Mommy, Nana (grandmother), and Grandma (great-grandmother) also have the middle name of Lorraine. (More on all the Lorraine gals later! They are ultra-cool.) For a nickname, everybody calls me "Lexi".

I was born on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 8:06 in the morning. I weighed 7 lbs-1 oz and was 20-1/4 inches long. I was delivered by (scheduled) c-section, due to my breech position. I was apparently very comfy in the womb sitting upright with my feet up by my face. As a result, I entered this world buns first! But I came out perfectly healthy (and very pretty!). Mommy also did fine during this surgery and recovered quickly.

Here are a couple of my ultrasound pictures taken while Mommy was preggers. Wow, that second one ('3D') totally looks like me! Thing is, the picture is of me IN THE WOMB. Modern technology is just amazing. Gosh, can you imagine my future Xmas lists?? Cell phone, iPod, laptop....the list is only beginning.

And, here I am when I was only a few hours old! Could I be any more sweet & cuddly?? And gosh, look at those purdy lips. You'd think I had lipstick on!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Introducing....myself (Lexi)!

Hola everybody! (yep, I'm a Dora the Explorer watcher)

This is my first posting, and it's way past my bedtime (yawwwwwn). Because of this, I must be short. But please check back for more stuff! I have lots of stories and mucho (there I go again, Diego) photos to share!!