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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The ONLY spoon for ice cream!

My mommy bought this spoon for me. How much cooler can a spoon possibly be?? If I eat ice cream, I MUST use this spoon! I've also used it for yogurt, applesauce, and mac & cheese. The Spoon raises these tastes to a superior level as well. Yum!


The 4 photos below tell a story. Whaddaya think? Ticklish??

Yep. I'm EXTREMELY ticklish!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Room redo, part 1

The first step in the room renovation was moving my crib outta the way to make room for my Big Girl bed!! Here I am in my soon-to-be-gone crib. I climbed in once more, for grins & memories. Funny how I will easily climb IN but never, ever tried to climb OUT! Mommy says I'm a "parent's dream", whatever that means. :)

Anyway, I am so excited! On the floor is Daddy. He's assembling my new bed.

With Mommy's help, I got out of the crib. I then rushed over to help Daddy!

Later....ok, my Big Girl bed is ready! The mattress is even on, plus CINDERELLA sheets!! I am so thrilled about this. Before bedtime I hopped up there, grabbed the pillow, and plopped down. Wow, this must be a bed for giant people!!

The final steps in the 'room redo' involve bedding, color changes, etc. To be continued on that decorative stuff...

Note from Mommy: Shhhh! Lexi doesn't know it, but this comforter set is on order. We also plan to paint her room a different color to go with the bedding. She will be surprised! :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Didn't we JUST do this?

There once was a sad little room at the house. It was plain and unattactive. It had workout equipment, but that stuff was rarely used. Instead, it became a room's worst nightmare: a STORAGE room. So sad.

Then one day, a baby was expected! The room would have a true PURPOSE! It was time to get rid of the junk, move out the 'workout' equipment, and decorate for Baby! --Ok, end of the room's story--

Nice new color, eh? So calming too. (This was done in early 2003, a few months before arrival of ME.)

Yay, chair rail!

Here's how it turned out. Pretty cute! I was pleased. :)

For 3 years, I loved that crib. I was very comfy, slept well in it, and never even tried to climb out! Shocking, I know. But finally, my parents decided that I needed a Big Girl bed. Not sure what that involves, but it sounds FUN! Will keep ya posted.

Oh yeah, and after all the decorating and planning of my baby room, we now are gonna pick a new paint color for my Big Girl room. And also a new theme (hopefully butterflies). So...the room is to get a makeover again!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My mommy and daddy love taking photos of cute lil' me. And once the photos are taken, Mommy really likes to tinker with them and make 'em look artsy-fartsy and creative. :)

Below is a hodge-podge of these *fun* photos!

Professional shots

= 7 years =

= 5 years =

= 4.5 years, Christmas Pics =

= 4.5 years, Halloween =

= 4 years =

= 3.5 years =

= 3 years =

= 25 months =

= 18 months =

= 1 year =

= 10 months =

= 7 months =

= 4 months =

= 6 weeks =

Itty-bitty me

Baby Days!

= 4 days =

= 1 month =

= 3 months =

= 6 months =

= 10 months =

Toddler Times!

= 14 months =

= 20 months =

= 2 years =

= 2.5 years =