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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fingernails painted!

This is a FIRST! I really, really wanted to have my nails painted (like mommy). So, she gave me a quick mani-pedi. :) Check out my purdy fingernails in the picture! (toenails are the same color)

I was really good and SO patient! (yay!)

Pretty day at the park

This weekend, we had some very nice weather (shocking!). I took great advantage of it by going to a super-cool park. See pics below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Watching baseball!!

Ok, 'member how my parents went to a baseball game without me?? Due to the spiffy souvenir, I forgave them for my exclusion. But I guess their guilt overtook them so they insisted on treating me to a live game at our home field. Wow! What a blast!!

I, like, totally, got into it. I clapped, yelled, jumped, boo-ed, cheered, screamed. Whatever was necessary for the play at hand! Just call me a little baseball fan!

Here's me doing "the wave". (mommy didn't quite get the shot - my arms were on the way down!)

Oh! My! Gosh! Would you believe that I actually saw a HOMERUN?!? That was just awesome! See pic below of the scene after the homer. Woo-hoo!!

Best-est Dancing Buddy

{{ HUGS }} for my dancing buddy! And, she is also in my class at school. I like her lots. :)

Souvenirs from Mommy-Daddy

My mommy & daddy recently took a short trip to Denver. On their trip, they saw a Colorado Rockies baseball game. Although I really wish I coulda been there, I was pretty pleased with the souvenir that I got!

"It's a monkey", explains Daddy. "And you can hang him around your neck by his arms or legs!"

Hmmm, but Rocky Monkey is so much more fun around Daddy's neck! (hee!!!)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day weekend, part III

Monday: When I got back home from my trip, I had a local celebration with some friends. We all had a very fun Labor Day in the form of a cookout. There was lots of yummy food. But I think us gals' favorite thing was the corn-on-the-cob. Yummy!!

* click pic to enlarge*

Labor Day weekend, part II

Saturday: The best part of my trip was getting to see my cousin! She likes dancing too. We had lots & lots of fun practicing our 'moves'. :D

Labor Day weekend, part I

Friday: For most of the Labor Day weekend, I went to visit my Nana & Pappaw. While there, I got to show off some of my dance moves that I have learned! And, Nana got me this super cool dance DVD and a new leotard.

Remember to always stretch first!

Watching my dance DVD...